Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Elizabeth Taylor Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Facelift

Elizabeth Taylor Beauty Evolution

"I've always admitted that I'm ruled by my passions," said Elizabeth Taylor. So, it's no surprise that the actress' star catapulted because she put her all into what she loved: acting, philanthropy, fragrance, diamonds and most notably, marriage (eight times to be exact). And she did so -- until her death in March 2011 -- with unparalleled glamour.

In honor of what would have been Taylor's 80th birthday (February 27th), we take a look back her timeless and legendary beauty. With raven hair, violet eyes, thick brows and double rows of eyelashes (that we envy so much), she will forever be remembered as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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Elizabeth Taylor And Her Cosmetic Surgery

The world is mourning the Hollywood legend and superstar Elizabeth Taylor who died recently at the age of 79. Despite her life being played out in the news not many people know that she was an avid user of plastic surgery. /p>
elizabeth taylor and her cosmetic surgeryBelonging to the old school, Elizabeth Taylor never spoke about the various cosmetic operations that she had but it was rumored that she had her first encounter with the surgeon knife when she was still in her twenties when she booked herself in for a very slight nose job.

As she got older she went in for a number of facelifts always using the famous Dr. Steven Hoefflin, who was often given the title of 'Plastic Surgeon to the Stars'. Another extremely famous celebrity patient of Dr Hoefflin was Michael Jackson.

As Elizabeth Taylor got older and Botox arrived on the scene she started to make use of a Los Angeles skin specialist who was also used by Michael Jackson. Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson became great friends and it may well have been that they swapped notes on different skin care techniques.

There's something quite tragic about seeing a once beautiful woman like Elizabeth Taylor struggling to retain some form of youthful beauty undergoing facelift after facelift. Maybe she should have just let herself age gracefully and with dignity. It is true that age ravages a once beautiful face but women who don't try too hard to look half their age often pull off a much more credible and realistic beauty.

For someone like Elizabeth Taylor who for most of her life could walk into a room and light it up without saying a single word getting old and seeing wrinkles on her face didn't just symbolize the loss of her beauty but also a loss of her power and her identity.